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Rethink the system

Innovations in infrastructure and energy.

An event organised by Kommunalkredit Austria AG and Austrian Association of Municipalities.

  • 29 – 30 August 2024
  • Kurhaus
    Bad Aussee
  • On-site & livestream
  • Our speakers

    With Mojib Latif, Joschka Fischer, Gerhard Christiner and many more …

  • Green hydrogen

    Let’s decarbonise the industry! But where is the market for green hydrogen?

  • Renewable energy

    Europe aims to be the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. But is that goal realistic?

  • Digitalisation

    The manufacturing of chips and the expansion of digital infrastructure affects great powers and small municipalities alike.

  • Spatial planning

    Spatial planning and land use are key issues for municipalities and cities.

  • Wind and Rail

    Wind energy and rail infrastructure form the basis for forward-looking sustainable development.

    Wind und Energie
  • The Ausseerland

    A retreat for thinkers and decision-makers from around the world.


The MUNICIPAL SUMMER TALKS in Bad Aussee see themselves as a Think Tank, a dynamic platform for exchange on today’s challenges and innovative solutions.


National and international experts and decision-makers from politics, business, finance and the media discuss issues, challenges and potential models on the path to a sustainable future.

Ahead of the event, listen in to our podcast to discover the fascinating topics our speakers will be discussing:

Programme 2024
    • Discussion
    • Andreas Eggenberger
    • Božo Lasic
    • Johannes Pressl
    • Andreas Schatzer
    • Radka Vladykova
    • Uwe Brandl

    Addressing the current situation. A municipal inventory.

    National & international climate targets are presenting us with growing challenges. We need to implement solutions now. How can we achieve this? What does it take?

    • Andreas Eggenberger

      President Rheintal Border Community
    • Božo Lasic

      President of the Croatian Association of Municipalities
    • Johannes Pressl

      President of the Austrian Association of Municipalities
    • Andreas Schatzer

      President of the South Tyrolean Association of Municipalities, Mayor of Vahrn (Bolzano)
    • Radka Vladykova

      Executive Director of the Union of Towns and Cities of the Czech Republic
    • Uwe Brandl

      President of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities
    • Impulse
    • Bernd Fislage

    Rethinking Infrastructure. Innovations & investments for the green revolution.

    Infrastructure is the key to a sustainable society. New green technologies harbour enormous potential. We must enforce and, above all, finance them.

    • Bernd Fislage

      Kommunalkredit Austria AG
    • Impulse
    • Joschka Fischer

    Enough with the words. Let deeds follow.

    We are living in a time to change. Europe must find its role in the new world order – and utilise the opportunities that present themselves. Can Europe still play a leading role?

    • Joschka Fischer © Joschka Fischer

      Joschka Fischer

      former Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Germany
    • Impulse
    • Rafael Grossi (tbc)

    Rethinking the energy mix. How green is nuclear energy?

    Nuclear science and technology are constantly evolving. Climate change and the quest for energy security present all countries and regions with the central question of the optimal, sustainable energy mix.

    • Rafael Grossi (tbc)

      Leiter Internationale Atomenergiebehörde
Speaker 2024

The speakers of 2024. Input at the highest level.

They are recognised experts from business, science and politics. What unites them is their desire for change. That’s why they will share their experiences, ideas, insights and perspectives with us in Bad Aussee.

  • Joschka Fischer © Joschka Fischer
    Joschka Fischer
    former Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Germany
  • Leonore Gewessler
    Federal Minister for Climate Action
  • Schönborn © Josef Kuss
    Christoph Schönborn
    Cardinal and Archbishop of Vienna
  • Gerhard Christiner © APG Rudi Fröse
    Gerhard Christiner
    Member of the Board of Austrian Power Grid AG
  • Martijn van Koten © OMV AG
    Martijn van Koten
    OMV Board Member
  • Mojib Latif © J. Steffen – GEOMAR
    Mojib Latif
    Head of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre

What our participants and speakers say about us

  • A feel-good atmosphere

    Participant from 2023
  • We shouldn’t only go out into the world and give oth-er countries normative advice about what they should do if we are to survive together.

    Sigmar Gabriel
    former Vice-Chancellor and Foreign Minister DE (2023)
  • Refreshing thoughts

    Participant from 2016
  • This is not just about climate change – it’s also about a fundamental shift in our continent’s industrial strategy and about social redistribution.

    Wilhelm Molterer
    Wilhelm Molterer, former Vice-Chancellor AT and Director EFSI (2023)
  • The discussion among all participants was fascinating and stimulating

    Participant from 2019
  • It is in challenging times like these that the importance of well-functioning infrastructure becomes especially tangible.

    Thierry Déau
    CEO Meridiam (2022)
  • A lively, informative presentation

    Participant from 2023
  • The energy transition needs people who will drive it. The more people push in the same direction, the bigger the changes we can dare to make.

    Leonore Gewessler
    Minister for Climate Action, Environment … (2022)
  • I was thrilled by the quality of the event

    Participant from 2019
  • I believe in the generations’ power of regeneration. Why should today’s youth not manage to deal with the challenges of today?

    Schönborn © Josef Kuss
    Cardinal Christoph Schönborn
    Archbishop of Vienna (2023)

Designing a sustainable future. Rethink the system.

Infrastructure is the central nervous system of our modern-day society. All pipes, lines and connections constructed to transport energy, water and people must be fast, safe and sustainable. Meeting the global sustainability goals will require new technologies, new models, new materials and products that pave the way.

The cultivation of Earth has involved the use of resources for millennia. Over the past decades, however, global resource consumption has grown to such an extent that it is causing disastrous impacts on our environment and the climate.

The urgently needed rapid expansion of renewable energy in Europe is not only an environmental issue – it is above all a question of economics. Insufficient electricity grids for green energy, excessive regulation and high production costs for green hydrogen are just some of the challenges industry decarbonisation is facing.

It’s time to rethink the system!