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About us

Kommunalkredit and the Austrian Association of Municipalities have been organising the MUNICIPAL SUMMER TALKS – a forum on the interaction between infrastructure, climate action and society – annually since 2005.

“Topics that move us”. That’s what inspired us back in 2005. Ever since, national and international representatives from business, science, politics and the media have been coming together to attend to current issues, highlight best-practice examples and develop possible solutions. Removed from everyday life, the geographical centre of Austria – Bad Aussee in Styria – sets the stage for this Think Tank. The diversity of formats is an important part of the event, ranging from talks and short inputs to panels, audience discussions and forums.


Today, the MUNICIPAL SUMMER TALKS have developed into a knowledge platform known beyond the borders of Austria and are a fixed date in the calendar of the infrastructure community.


The discrepancy between what we say and what we do is huge. We need good ideas, inspiring innovation and courageous people to achieve this green revolution.

Bernd Fislage, CEO Kommunalkredit


Infrastructure – all the pipes, lines and connections for energy, water and people – is the nervous system of our modern society. It must function quickly, safely and smoothly.


The municipalities and cities are living spaces, vocational and educational centres, natural and cultural sites. They are providers and business hubs. Targeted financing by public authorities is therefore fundamental to safeguarding the pros-perity of their citizens. Pre-schools and schools, fire brigades and official buildings, water supply and wastewater disposal, cycle and footpaths, broadband internet and clean energy have to be available in sufficient quality and quantity.

That’s how we design a future worth living. For us. For our children. And for future generations.


General economic stagnation and the resulting drop in tax revenues, higher payroll costs and massive increases in health, welfare and care … we need a solution for it all.

Johannes Pressl, President of the Gemeindebund

Kommunalkredit Gebäude

Kommunalkredit Austria AG

Kommunalkredit is a specialist for infrastructure and energy financing. Working in partnership with its customers, the bank creates value that continually improves people’s lives. It enables the construction and operation of infrastructure facilities by bringing together the financing needs of project sponsors and developers with the increasing number of investors looking for sustainable investment opportunities. Their focus is on Energy & Environment | Communication & Digitalisation | Mobility | Social Infrastructure | Natural Resources.

Austrian Association of Municipalities

The Austrian Association of Municipalities is the municipal special interest group representing 2,082 out of 2,093 Austrian municipalities and cities at the federal level, thus speaking for about 70% of the Austrian population. Like its ten provincial organisations, it is organised as an association and is headquartered in Vienna. It has maintained a permanent office in Brussels since 1996 to manage its international agendas.